RedOX probe for Micro Redox

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I get back to you about the ORP-01-3-0098 probe that I bought

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Here is the problem: I manage to calibrate it at 470mv with a buffer solution

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then, with the 650mV buffer solution it gives approximately 620mv - not very well, but above all, it does not take good measurements in real conditions, ie with the pool water: gives 550mv instead of 690 for example: - (

First thing: if you connect the probe and you dip it in the 470 mV solution, can you read 470 mV on the device?

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yes to the first thing - after calibrating the device, because it changes a bit from one probe to another

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calibration with the device

So., It seems that the probe is measuring the value at 470 mv. In this case put the pool water in a glass and then look at the value measured by the device

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it gives for example 550 instead of 690

How do you know it should be 550?

10:07 am

this should be 690 because I got another probe, which calibrates precisely on 470 and 650, and because it corresponds to the results of tests with strips

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to see otherwise: we have 3 samples

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buffer solutions 470 and 650, and swimming pool water

In do one thing: take our probe: put it in the solution at 470 mV, look at the value measure. then put the second probe and look at the value measure

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ok i do that

Keep me posted .... Thank you

10:16 am

Ok, the probe is working perfectly

10:18 am

Thank you

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