The specialist in pH probes and RedOx probes for swimming pool regulators.

We propose pH probes and RedOx equivalent high quality probes for the pH control range.

To obtain a swimming pool and a water quality, it is important to control the pH and chlorine levels, for the existence of automatic rules of the selected pH probes and RedOX probes.

Good operation of pH regulators and RedOX regulators depends on the measurement of probes. It is for all that it is important to equip with quality probes.

Thanks to a long experience and co-occurrence of the manufacture of pH and RedOx electrodes, we have a point of control system for our probes to ensure the possible long duration.

The duration of the probe is left to five main factors.

-Our concept has been made since 30 years

-All modification is subject to a verification procedure less frequently based on the principles of the ISO standard.

2. The quality of the components

-These chemical and mechanical components are the subject of permanent control less than the principles of the ISO standard with the appropriate instruments.

-Our four-way testers have the right to verify that their manufacturing process is flawed and robust.

3. The quality of its manufacturing process.

-These manufacturing operations are documented and audited on a periodic basis to maintain a higher level of quality, only the principles of the ISO standard.

4.The periodic control

-These seeds carry out analyzes of our production equipment that are subject to durability tests.

5.The quality control

      -100% of our parts are inspected before packaging.

      -We packs as well as the test object.

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With more than 10 years of experience, is above all a passionate player in the world of pH RedOx probes. Structured around a team of professionals in the sector, choosing is to trust the specialist in electrodes. We put our expertise at your service to offer you the most essential products for your daily uses.

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As the market presents increasingly tangible sectoral synergies, we are opening up to cover your professional (and personal) needs in the direct and indirect environment of laboratories, industry and education. Our site is aimed at SMEs as well as large groups, not to mention individuals. We have also set up payment solutions corresponding to any configuration.

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