replaced the ORP and PH probe on a limpido z3 50 electrolizer

8:52 am

Hello, I would like to replace the ORP and PH probe on a limpido z3 50 electrolizer. Can you give me the reference and the price to order please.


one moment please

for pH

for redox

Does this suit you?

8:59 am

Yes thank you, do they come with the calibration product?

No, you also have to order it. What solutions do you need?

9:00 am

To calibrate ORP and PH

This depends on the equipment. I can do the research if you want

9:02 am
Hello ,
To follow up on our discussion on messaging, Below is the list of product links:
For the solutions:
pH 7
For Redox:
For winterizing the probes (optional)
If you need we also have the wintering solution:
For probes:
These products are available and delivered within 48 hours.

Best regards.

9:03 am

Ok thank you very much and have a nice day

Have a good day

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