regul pH

12:30 pm

Hello I have a pH regulator but I do not see my model at the time it was a piscinist at zodiac on the box no brand supplier on the nomenclature nothing refers to zodiac that must be done thank you


Could you give me your email? I will answer you in 30 minutes maximum

And could you take a picture of the probe and its connector, this should be enough for me

12:37 pm

I found the HANNA instrument packaging

Very good



To follow up on our messaging discussion, please find the link to the probe you need below.


https: // probe-ph-redox- pour-automatic-ph-orpredox- chlorine.html


This probe is available and delivered within 48 hours.

Best regards.
Olivier Michaud

Phone : 02 61 77 01 89
E-mail : sales @ pool-ph-redox-probe. Fr
Web: probe-ph-redox-p

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