Oxeo sp redox probe

2:56 pm

HELLO the redox probe comes with the calibration solution?

2:57 pm

for oxeo sp

Hello, not as standard. But if you have it, we can do it. Graciously. What solution do you need?

3:00 pm

650 Mv

3:03 pm

ok I order it in the name of SAINZ Frédéric, do you also have a calibration solution for salt in 3000 OR 4000 ppm that I would pay of course

That on the other hand I do not make sorry!

3:04 pm

ok no big deal

3:04 pm

I register and I order

Thank you

6:45 pm

that's it I just ordered

6:46 pm

thank you for the 650 Mv calibration solution see you soon

6:46 pm

"</ p

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