redox probe for zodiac tri 19 electrolyser

9:59 am

I'm looking for a redoxx sensor for the Zodiac Tri 13 electrolyser

9:59 am

sort 18 sorry

Hello, could you send me a photograph of your probe as there are 2 versions.

4:15 pm

it is the probe with red end like the one represented on the right of your photo of presentation of this article on your site

So in this case it is the right probe

4:16 pm

it's the one that goes on the pod

Yes quite.

4:16 pm

do you have it in stock?


4:17 pm

perfect thank you

Have a good day

4:27 pm

Are these new or reconditioned products?


The probes have a lifetime.

Made in November.

4:32 pm

what does the yellow probe represent with the bottle at the end on the phto suddenly?

Yellow is Redox. The bottle contains a solution for preserving the probes

It works perfectly because we distributed a lot of it last year.

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