REDOX probe for a hayward electrolizer

8:55 am

Hello, I am looking for a REDOX probe for a hayward electrolizer. I found on your site on the other hand my Hayward kit being sold without this probe I also need the screw adapter to fix it. Do you have this accessory?

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We are busy at the moment. Please accept our apologies. If you leave us your E-mail we will respond as soon as possible.

Hello, could you give me the exact name of your box and your email. I'll get back to you within the hour. Thank you

8:57 am

Thank you, here is AQR-PLUS-SV22ST good day!

To follow up on our messaging discussion, please find the link to the probe you need below.


https: // probe-ph-redox- hayward / 311-probe-ph-pour- aquarite-flo.html


This probe is available and delivered within 48 hours.

Best regards.
Olivier Michaud

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