PROCOPI compatible probe

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11:34 am

Are you a robot

No !

11:35 am

so you are a person

Yes, my name is Olivier Michaud

How can I help you ?

11:37 am

I would need to know which probe would correspond to my dispenser

Can you give me its type / brand ...

11:38 am

One moment please

11:42 am

11:43 am

but I could be wrong

Both can work, but the manufacturer does advise

11:44 am


Have a good day .

11:45 am

when you say Compatible, what do you mean by

11:46 am

compatible on devices or your probes have carrateristics similar to that of the manufacturer but are not the same, in fact like printer cartridges

11:47 am

because I wouldn't want to break the dispenser

The pH probe are based on physical parameters, by analyzing these parameters we can establish a compatibility. But in your these probes are the same. made in the same factory

11:49 am

you said both can work, so I'm basing it on the probe or the price,

according to the manufacturer the probe, in my opinion the price. a choice .

11:50 am

are they the same length


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