Questions about Zodiac Tri Pro pH probes before 2014

Questions about Zodiac Tri Pro pH probes before 2014

4:38 pm

I have to change the probes on a Zodiac Tri Pro.
How to know its date of manufacture?

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Is this the pH or RedOx probe?

4:40 pm

Both ... and your site makes a difference between before / after 2014

RedOX probe for Zodiac Tri PRO after 2014PH probe for Zodiac Tri PRO pH after 201427.3 kB

Is your current probe like this?

4:42 pm

electronic side?
It is a blue BNC plug

4:42 pm

or red? I'm not sure which one is which

4:43 pm

BNCs each have a blue and red color

No, on the other hand, in both cases there is a BNC.

4:43 pm

ok, measuring side, it's a glass probe

Blue is pH, Red is redox.

This is not common, do you know the diameter? would you know how to take a picture?

4:46 pm

I can take a picture, but everything is mounted. I still have the boxes for the probes. I'll be back in 3 minutes

Thank you

Very good

4:48 pm

Reference Z35H1P-14 (MAR 12) ... so March 2012

4:49 pm

ORP Z35R1P-17 May 12 (so May 2012)

4:49 pm

I think I have my answers ... it was enough to talk about it ... do you have the equivalents?

Yes, just a moment

For pH

For the RedOX

4:51 pm

It's perfect. Thank you so much.

Good evening.

4:52 pm

Do they come with the calibration solutions?

No, but you can add them to the cart:

4:53 pm

Thank you good night

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