PH probe for ISIPOOL PH L3 - Long probe compatibility

1:23 pm

how to know the length of the probe? THANK YOU


Our probe is 120 mm, It is compatible with 80 mm probes

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Have a good day

7:06 pm

We have just received the probe but it is too long

If you are unable to install it, please take a picture of your installation so that I can explain

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avatarIsipool PH long and short probe 3.82 MB
7:24 pm

Good evening,

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Isipool PH long and short probe

No worries, it works. You unscrew your cap and put it on through the bottom of our probe. After you remove the gaskets from your probe and install them on the new probe at the height starting from the bottom. And then you install the probe on the pipe and you screw the cap. The only difference is that the blue part will be visible.

7:31 pm

Thanks we will try.

7:31 pm

Thanks, it works very well!

Don't hesitate to call me back. good night

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