Isipool pH-L3

3:10 pm

I have an Isipool pH-L3 for my pool and I would like to know which sensor ref to order for replacement.

Hello, just a moment, I'll send you the link.

Above the product you need

3:14 pm

Can't we just change the probe, without the cable?

No, not on this type of probe because the cable is sealed in the probe.

3:16 pm

OK. Thank you.

4:14 pm

Continuation of our exchange of last week. You can confirm that for my isipool pH-L3 material, I have to order the probe from the link above?

Hello, yes absolutely

4:19 pm

OK. Thank you. I order right away online. What delivery time? I have to plan the visit of the person who is maintaining my pool and I want to make sure that I have received all the equipment for the appointment.

48 Hrs

4:20 pm

OK thank you, I'm ordering. I left a message on your 02. Don't take it into account since I have all the information.

OK . Thank you

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