electrolyser is Zodiac dual Link

11:07 am

Hello. I'm looking for the right probe. The model of my electrolyser is Zodiac dual Link. Visually, the probe for Tri Pro PH at 79 euros seems to correspond or other specific model for the Dual Link,

11:07 am


A moment

I check

There are 2 versions. Could you send me a photograph of your probe



To follow up on our messaging discussion, please find the link to the probe you need below.



https: // probe-ph-redox- piscine.fr/sondes-zodiac/456- probe-ph-pour-zodiac-tri-pro ph.html


https: // probe-ph-redox- piscine.fr/sondes-zodiac/457- probe-redox-pour-zodiac-tri- pro.html


This probe is available and delivered within 48 hours.

Best regards.
Olivier Michaud

Phone : 02 61 77 01 89
E-mail : sales @ pool-ph-redox-probe. Fr
Web: probe-ph-redox-p Piscine.fr


OK, As soon as I receive it, I will send you the link to the probe you need. see you soon

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