BLUELAB equivalent pH probes

4:21 pm

I only need a Bluelab ph probe

4:21 pm

Because I feel that the ones I have are no longer reliable

Exactly, the Blue pH reference is made here and shipped by worldwide (US, New Zealand, Europe). The probe I am offering will just have another cap color Blue instead of black but these are the only difference.

4:26 pm

I saw that the probes no longer had the same visual as the old ones. Are they all blue in plastic now and no longer in transparent glass?
The expected delivery time is really 2 days?

Ours will be like that, corp blue is a probe our Chinese competitor.

4:29 pm

Yes it is the one that I spotted. I note that there is not indicated Bluelab as on the original probes

One moment, I find a photo of the original bluelab probe

Bluelab pH probeReplacement bluelab pH probe 2.61 kB

It is this one which is made in the same workshop

4:31 pm
BlueLab equivalent pH probe 19.6 kB

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