BIO-UV PH regulator

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The BIO-UV PH regulator of my swimming pool installed in 2002 no longer works (purple front face, yellow pump housing).
It may be the PH probe (replaced in 2013).
What is the price of a compatible PH probe?


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It's possible

Can you read a ph value?

6:25 pm

yes always value at 7.2

If you put the probe in a standard solution or in water with vinegar. Is the value moving?

6:26 pm

The pump never starts even by changing the jumper to switch from PH + to PH-

Try anyway to see how the probe is sensitive to vinegar water

6:28 pm

I am not there at the moment. I have a pH = 4 control solution that I can try next week on site.

Or for example. Otherwise the probe you need is this one

6:30 pm

Thank you . I will keep you informed.

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