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Hello, I have an EMEC 220 electromagnetic redox pump, my tempon BSD 650 solution has an expiration date of 2016, is it still active? I wanted to calibrate my pump because it does not stop pumping liquid CHL. My probe reads upside down ie when I put it in the water it displays 750MV and put in pure CLH it goes back to 650 and starts to pump. Should I change the solution or the probe or both? thank you for your reply

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According to what you write to me, I think the probe is defective.
But maybe you could give it a try:
-Put the probe in a glass of water filled with pool water and note the value.
-Add CLH and mix and watch if the value drops.
-And then add salt and see if the value goes up.
If this goes as planned, could you give me the age of your catheter?
I can't tell if your solution is right or wrong. Maybe it has been contaminated If you order the probe I will provide you with a 650 mV solution

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I followed your recommendations:
Pool water: 650mv
Pool water + Chlorine: 650mv
+ Salt: 650mv
Namely that the water measured on the test tube shows a high level of chlorine.
When the probe is removed from the liquid, the indicator light on the pump changes to 750mv and flashes (exceeding the alert zone.
Original probe age 5 years)
I am sending you a photo of the pump, would you also like that of the probe?
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Hello ,
So it looks like the probe is faulty because when you add salt the mv value should go up.

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